“I love Chris Rimmer’s teaching Styles, he found a fantastic way to incorporate all learning styles. He really focuses on the best way to ensure that every one can and will learn whether they know it or not. Best class I have ever Attended.” – Bryce

“Mr. K provided excellent instruction using multiple/numerous learning techniques to help us internalize the learning material. I would definitely recommend using him again in the future for further instruction. I also really enjoyed the classroom environment provided by RFK Solutionz. Thanks for the great experience!” -Jason

“First day test score was 30%; final test score before test was over 80%! The instructor was one of the best I have had! Highly recommended! Facility is above par!” -Labrina

“Impressed, I felt like I understood more from this class than being in my college class. Although fast paced, info was broken down enough to be understood!” -Gabriella

“Instructor catered to my specific needs and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I was understanding the material in the class.”-Danielle