SolarWinds provides a wide range of tools for managing and monitoring your whole IT infrastructure. It will provide insight into what you need to monitor on your network. It provides granular data on where issues are occurring in regards to traffic latency and bandwidth utilization. It provides monitoring, management and health of all nodes and applications.

Government Security News (GSN) has an annual Homeland Security Awards Program. These awards are chosen by experts in Cybersecurity and other areas of IT. For 2016, SolarWinds won the categories of Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution and Best Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) Solution. They were also a Finalist for Best Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation Solution. The link to this article is here:,0

You will receive a fantastic ROI with the SolarWinds suite of tools. The products are value priced, very cost effective, and in almost all cases, exceed the capabilities of its competitors. The SolarWinds products provide many additional out-of-the-box solutions that are preconfigured. Some of the modules even include capacity forecasts that show you over and under allocations. It will show you where your resources are about to run out.

Configuration Management, Compliance Auditing, and Remediation is included in their Network Configuration Management module. This module allows you to quickly backup and restore device configurations. It can be used to automate and schedule repetitive and bulk configurations and upgrades. It can help with standardizing configurations, setting baseline configurations, scanning for compliance, and remediating any non-compliance issues.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor will allow your IT personnel to take a more proactive approach to troubleshooting and gain insight on device availability. Integrations with Storage Manager and Virtualization Manager show very granular detail and insight into your storage and virtualization environments. You will be able to readily pull reports on device availability, and other metrics, to provide to senior management staff and external customers.

The ease of setup and use, including everything, from the initial installation to the discovery of devices is very valuable. The advanced alerting and notifications capabilities are helpful as well. Devices can be discovered automatically on a schedule, and grouped by vendor automatically, which makes it very easy to track down devices. The customizable dashboards and reporting tend to be pretty handy. Reporting and alerting for almost anything that you can think of are possible. The products are very user-friendly and very customizable. There is an enormous about of charting and graphs that can be displayed wherever you like. All reports, charts, graphs, pages, etc. can be exported in many formats, to include excel and pdf.

Network Traffic Analyzer will allow you to track down information in regards what kind of traffic is being generated on your network and also help determine what applications you want to allow and what not to allow. Here is just one example of a chart showing detailed traffic and what it is:

Server & Application Monitor can help you find problems with applications before your users notify you. You will be able to see performance issues and discover when applications and services fail. You will also be able to track resources and remotely manage servers to remediate any discovered issues.

If you’re looking to get a lot more insight and visibility into your network devices, servers, applications, and other devices, along with real-time alert notifications, SolarWinds products should be towards the top of your list. You will be able to view devices by type or by location and poll all sorts of different data using SNMP or WMI or other methods. Out of the box, you will also receive customizable dashboards, alerting, reporting, and Active Directory integration.

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