Course Descriptions

LX0-103 Linux+


5 days


CompTIA Linux+ covers multiple distributions, validating skills that help prevent platform lock-in and that promote more flexible approaches to Linux system troubleshooting.

After passing the two exams required for certification, candidates will have mastered the following concepts:

  • System configuration

  • The command line interface

  • Scripting basics

  • Network settings and services

  • System security


  1. System Architecture

    • Determine and configure hardware settings.

    • Boot the system.

    • Change runlevels/boot targets and shutdown or reboot system.

  2. Linux Installation and Package Management

    • Design hard disk layout.

    • Install a boot manager.

    • Manage shared libraries.

    • Use Debian package management.

    • Use RPM and YUM package management.

  3. GNU and Unix Commands

    • Work on the command line.

    • Process text streams using filters.

    • Perform basic file management.

    • Use streams, pipes and redirects

    • Create, monitor and kill processes.

    • Modify process execution priorities.

    • Search text files using regular expressions.

    • Perform basic file editing operations using vi.

  4. Devices, Linux File Systems and File System Hierarchy Standard

    • Create partitions and file systems.

    • Maintain the integrity of file systems.

    • Control mounting and unmounting of file systems

    • Manage disk quotas

    • Manage file permissions and ownership.

    • Create and change hard and symbolic links

    • Find system files and place files in the correct location.

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