ITIL Foundation

Course Descriptions

ITIL Foundation


3 days


ITIL Contributes value to the organization by alignment of IT to Business. By using ITIL service, quality can be improved, higher availability, gradual cost reductions and better cost-justification. Improve effectiveness to meet quality requirements, increase flexibility and adaptability (Adopt & Adapt).

ITIL help organizations in:

  • Reducing IT costs

  • Increased Quality and Decrease Risk

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Increased Productivity

  • ITIL provides clear and effective communication.

  • ITIL embraces a practical approach to service management do what works.


  1. Service management as a practice (comprehension)

  2. The ITIL service life-cycle (comprehension)

  3. Generic concepts and definitions (awareness)

  4. Key principles and models (comprehension)

  5. Selected processes (awareness)

  6. Selected functions (awareness)

  7. Selected roles (awareness)

  8. Technology and architecture (awareness)

  9. Competence and training (awareness)

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